How to Fix an Uneven Table Tennis Table? (Tips & Tricks)

Pass the Ball to Someone Else!

An uneven table tennis table is a problem. It could make the game less fun as the ball comes in too low or too high. This means the game will be skewed in favour of one player or be bad for both.

However, this does not need to be a problem for a long time because you can fix it. This short guide will interest you if you want to fix an uneven or warped table tennis table.

You can fix an uneven or warped table tennis table in different ways. This article will highlight some ways and provide tips for proper table tennis table care.

How to Fix an Uneven Table Tennis Table?

There are a few ways to fix uneven table tennis tables. One of the best ways is to distribute the weight evenly. You can start by placing weights on the uneven side of the table. This distributes the weight to make the table more sturdy.

Mark the section that needs the weight before installing it. Next, put some weight on the table to balance it. You can also check the table height to see if it is level. If the legs are wobbly, then you can install new legs or find a way to fix the balance of the bad leg.

What to Use For Fixing a Warped Table Tennis Table?

The main tools you will need to fix a warped table tennis table include a hammer or a paddle. You can use these tools to correct a warped table by flattening it. Using a heavy hammer will not work because it may apply too much pressure.

Rather, you need to use a small hammer that is not heavy as well. This would make it easier to flatten the warped areas.

Also, since you can determine the speed, it is easier to remove the warped side or flatten it. During this process, it helps to add a block to the bottom of the table. This helps keep it sturdy while you strike.

Can You Fix an Uneven Table Tennis Table?

Yes, you can fix an uneven table tennis table. As noted above, you can opt to adjust the table’s legs. To do this, you need to check the legs and ensure that they are the same length and are at the same level.

You may need to use screws to tighten the legs if they are uneven. Before you tighten them, add some weight.

A good option to use is a bowling ball. This will restore the weight distribution. If you opt to add support to the bottom of the table, it could solve some problems. Still, you need to make sure it is sturdy enough after adding any supports.

Why Do Table Tennis Tables Become Crooked?

There are so many culprits responsible for crooked table tennis tables. Some of them include: poor build, wear and tear, improperly installed legs, and hard hitting during play.

When a table was not built properly, it would develop creases, gaps, and bends. A good table should not have dents or cracks.

Wear and tear is another common reason why tables become uneven. With time, the parts of the table wear out, and it begins to decline. If you begin to spot a dip in the table’s midsection, then it has begun to wear out.

What to Do to Keep Table Tennis Table From Turning Crooked?

Table tennis tables need proper maintenance to remain in top-notch condition. For a start, it is ideal to clean the table often. As dust and grime settle, they can make the table sticky. This will affect the bounce and spin of the ball while playing.

It also helps to prevent direct sunlight from touching the table. Direct sunlight can damage the table faster. The same applies to moisture, so you need to store it in a dry room.

Also, the room should be well-ventilated and include temperature-controlling apparatuses. Some good spots for your table include basements, insulated sheds, and garages.

How to Fix an Uneven Table Tennis Table?

  1. Place weights on the uneven side of the table, this distributes the weight to make it more sturdy. Make sure to mark the section that needs the weight before placing it.
  2. Put some weight on the table to balance it out.
  3. Check the table to see if it’s level.


Fixing an uneven table tennis table is definitely not a hard task. It just takes a bit of time and patience in order to be fixed. Sadly, all warped tables will not be fixable.

If you tried our methods above and still didn’t see results it’s probably best you get a new table. Playing with an uneven table is a pain, and will ultimately stunt your skills.

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