How to Transport a Table Tennis Table? (+Tips)

Pass the Ball to Someone Else!

Are you looking for how to transport a table tennis table without damaging it? This is the article for you! We will give you some handy tricks for that table to not end up getting warped during transit.

Table tennis is fun to play, but transporting the table can be a hassle. You have the option of carrying it by yourself for short distances. But for long distances, you need to put it in a vehicle. This part can be tricky because the table can get damaged if care is not taken.

If you want to transport your table tennis table, then this article will interest you. It will highlight the best ways to transport your table tennis table and show you practical steps to get it done.

How to Transport a Table Tennis Table?

There are different ways to transport a table tennis table. You can use a minivan, transit van or an SUV to move the table from one place to another. However, the best option depends on the type of table. A foldable table will be easier to move, especially in an SUV. All you need to do is fold the board and the legs and place it on the truck bed, and you’re good to go.

If you have a non-foldable table tennis table, then you have fewer options to consider. The best bet is to use a transit van or minivan. Most minivans have spacious interiors, and you only need the dimensions of the table tennis table. It is also important to check the dimensions of the table tennis table to see if it will fit.

What’s the Best Way to Transport a Table Tennis Table?

The best way to transport a table tennis table is with a transit van or minivan. When necessary, minivans often come with fold-flat seating features to make space for cargo. While an SUV may look larger, many minivans have more cargo capacity. Irrespective of the type of table, this process is seamless.

You simply need to lift the table carefully and place it in the transit van or minivan and secure its position to keep it stable during transport.

Will a Table Tennis Table Fit in a Car?

A table tennis table may fit in a car depending on the size. In most cases, though, you will have to remove or adjust the back seats of your minivan. To be sure it’ll fit, you need to check the dimensions of the table. Most average tables are 274×152.5×76 cm in dimensions.

If the table can be dismantled, it will be easier to fit in. Otherwise, only a minivan can transport the table. A regular saloon car cannot transport a table tennis table. The only option would be to carry it on the roof of a car, and this could be unsafe and a crime in some countries.

Will a Table Tennis Table Fit in a Transit Van?

Yes, a table tennis table can fit in a transit van. Transit vans are larger and designed for bigger items. Transporting items with transit vans is easier, and the same applies to a table tennis table. Standard vans are 6704 mm long, 2112 mm wide, and 2781 mm high. They also have a base width of 2059 mm. Comparing these figures, the table shows that the table will fit seamlessly in a transit van.

Even though transit vans come in different sizes, the average table will fit into the van without any issues. They are not only roomy but also comfortable for transporting tables.

How to Transport a Non-foldable Table Tennis Table?

There are a few things you must do to transport a non-foldable tennis table. The first is ensuring that you use tie-downs to keep it in place while the transit van is in motion.

Also, you need to make sure that you cover the table with a tarp or protective blanket. This helps prevent any damage to the table during transport.

It is also important to use furniture pads when necessary to prevent scuffs and scratches on the table during the moving process. Also, maintain all safety rules, such as clearing the area to prevent injuries to pets or children.

How to Not Damage a Table Tennis Table During Transit

It’s important that the table doesn’t get damaged during transit. I’ve personally heard of stories where the table gets warped, scratched and chipped. Therefore I would recommend you to use something soft underneath the table when loading it into the car.

Something like a rug or cushions will do the trick. Then the trick is to load the table upside down, so the playing side touches the soft layer underneath. This will keep the table much more secure even if you slam on the brakes.

How to Transport a Table Tennis Table?

  • With a foldable table tennis table the easiest way to transport it is to fold it together and load it into a car. It will fit into most family-sized cars once the seats are folded back, but a minivan is obviously the best option.
  • An un-foldable table tennis table requires a minivan to be moved, alternatively loading it on the roof of the car (not recommended).


Moving a table tennis table is a much more requiring task than you might think at first. That’s why we wrote this article! With our tips, at least your table will be safe during the transport. Please, also make sure it doesn’t get wet, this will warp the table and it’s a pain to fix.

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